As your business or organization grows, you may soon reach the point where seeking outside assistance with some of the peripheral but important parts of your day-to-day operation is essential. One of such areas would certainly be your accounting practices - something that many business owners and managers do not look forward to doing, and yet contracting accounting out may not immediately look like a safe or comfortable option.

When looking for a professional service provider of accounting in Montreal, you are looking for the best provider possible. But what makes for a great accountant? Expertise, availability, and personal attention immediately come to mind as some of the elements you would look for in someone offering you accounting in Montreal.

Accounting in Montreal


If you are going through a list of companies providing accounting in Montreal, you want someone that has at least a couple of decades of deep professional experience in the field and in your area. At Colas, for example, we have over 20 years of diverse experience providing accounting support, taxes analysis, bookkeeping and business management services.

Accounting in Montreal


If an accountant you find is great, but they have no time for you, then it doesn’t really matter how great they may be. Your provider of accounting in Montreal must be available to take on your file immediately and have time for you down the road should your file become more difficult. Our great team takes pride in always welcoming a new client with open arms, and never at the expense of existing ones.

Accounting in Montreal

Personal Attention

Accounting in Montreal doesn’t mean only sitting in front of a computer punching in the numbers without considering who the particular client is. On the contrary, we focus on providing every client with personalized and open attention. This is one of the things that makes Colas a leader in providing accounting for Montreal businesses and organizations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how Colas can help you with your accounting needs in Montreal, please contact us today at 514 374-0137!

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