The financial analysis of your company will allow you to make optimal strategic decisions

All companies must ensure the sound management of their accounts. As a result, they must comply with several rules and legal formalities in the field of a business accountant, more specifically in bookkeeping, record keeping and payroll management.

Accounting mechanisms are complex and certain methods of work must be employed. That's why hiring an accountant is essential. The accounting services offered by Colas Accounting will help you better understand the state of your company's finances, thereby helping you improve its management, by having quick access to key information.

Our Business Accountant services

The services offered by the Colas Corporate Accounting team include:

  • Business accountant for business start-up;

  • Accounting follow-up of the company's activities;

  • Internal control:
    o "Cost-volume-profit" report
    o Profitability level
    o Company’s profit margin and production cost
    o Economic performance of the company
    o Net income following deductions and charges

  • Tax account management (QST, GST);

  • Financial and budget planning;

  • Filing income tax returns;

  • Corporate remuneration (calculation and payment of salaries, preparation of wage declarations, production of employment records, benefits, etc.);

  • Accounting software installation and training of your staff for its use.

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Business accountant and financial analysis

To assess the financial health of your business, we will determine the following financial ratios:

  • Liquidity ratio (working capital)

  • Debt ratio

  • Return on total assets

  • Stock rotation ratio

  • Return on equity

  • Cash ratio or relative liquidity ratio

  • Debt /equity ratio

  • Net profit margin

The financial analysis by an accountant will assess the value of your business and its level of solvency. It will allow optimal management of your business.

Business accountant and record keeping

The provincial and federal governments require your company to keep the following documents for a period of six years:

  • Income tax returns

  • Business registers and supporting documents

  • Paper or electronic receipts

  • Expense journal and sales journal

  • Payroll records

  • Collected and paid tax records

These documents will be required if you are subject to government audit.

>Montreal Business Accountant

Business Accountant in Montreal: contact us

In Montreal or in the Montreal area, contact Colas Accounting to have your business accounting done at an affordable price.

For more information about our business accountant services in Montreal, contact our team by email or by phone at (514) 374-0137. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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