Whether you operate a small to medium-size business (SME), a non-profit organization (NPO), a copartnership or a corporate business, chances are you have employees who assist you with your daily activities and who ensure your business’ stability and growth. This being said, a proper payroll is key to retaining your employees and securing your company’s success.

Calculating and paying wages, together with preparing employment records and other documents related to payroll, can be somewhat complex and time-consuming. In order to save you some time and to guarantee accurate employee compensation, Colas Accounting offers a payroll service fit for your needs. All business lines of activity and legal forms can benefit from our payroll service. Located in Montreal, our team of accountants can manage many tasks related to payroll, including:

Payroll Services

Wage Calculation

Careful wage and deduction calculations are essential to employee compensation. This task can be tedious, especially when your business holds many employees with different backgrounds and job descriptions. Our payroll service allows you to hand over employee compensation tasks to our experts for added security.

Payroll Services

Payment of Wages

We will compute and issue wage payments (by cheque or by direct deposit) according to your payment calendar, that is, whether on a biweekly basis, twice a month, or according to any other payment calendar.

Payroll Services

Salary Declaration

When needed, Colas Accounting can declare employees’ salaries to appropriate authorities, such as the CSST.

Payroll Services

Employment Records

Through our payroll service, we produce employment records for all employees and individuals to whom you have issued compensation during the fiscal year. Records include T4 and T4A slips for the federal government and RL-1 slips for the provincial government.

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