Entrust your personal or corporation taxes to our experienced team

Present for many years in Montreal, the Colas Accounting team puts its skills and expertise at the service of individuals and businesses who want the best tax advice.

Our extensive experience in preparing tax returns and continuous fiscal training to stay abreast of the latest income tax developments allows us to help you pay the least tax possible and get the best refund. The Colas Income TaxAccounting team is also committed to identifying and solving your tax problems, whether you are an individual or a business.

Personal income tax accountant in Montreal

Using the right tax strategies can reduce the income tax an individual must pay. An experienced tax accountant will know how to help you arrive at this end.

Our income tax-related accounting services in Montreal and surrounding areas include:

  • Preparation of tax reports (income tax returns) including rental income;

  • Declarations of succession;

  • Preparation of trust income tax returns

Our services ensure that you will benefit from all the deductions that apply to you.

Income Tax service Montreal
Income Tax service Montreal

Accountant for corporate income tax in Montreal

When preparing tax returns for corporations, our professional accountants explore every possible avenue to reduce the tax burden on your business. We always work with the same objective: to minimize the annual contributions of our customers.

Here is the range of other corporate income tax services we offer in the Montreal area:

  • Government Representation: In addition to helping you reduce your income taxes payable, our tax services also include a support service if you are subject to audits or investigations by the tax authorities. We will then be able to represent you before the federal and provincial authorities. We also offer a service to prepare a notice of objection to a tax assessment.

  • Corporate Tax Planning: we also offer a service to assist you in the tax planning of your business. Thus, we can assist you in achieving your business objectives while respecting your organizational culture and offering solutions tailored to your needs and situation. We can particularly advise you on portfolio management in order to reduce your annual contributions and thus be able to use your profits for other purposes. This is how we help many companies in the Montreal area to prosper.

It is important to note that the federal government requires businesses to keep receipts, payroll records, paid checks, bank statements, and other supporting documents 6 years after the end of the current year. The Government of Quebec requires that these documents be kept for only 3 years.

How to save money on your business income taxes

There are many ways to pay less income tax or receive a bigger tax refund. Here are a few :

  • Deduct all eligible expenses for your business (also applies if you are self-employed);

  • Incorporate your business (if it provides a better tax rate);

  • Get the income tax credits to which you are entitled;

  • Get a GST and QST refund;

  • Transfer your income to dividends

Income Tax service Montreal

Contact an accountant for your income tax in Montreal

Don’t try to prepare your tax returns yourself. Our team knows how to use its income tax knowledge and skills to your benefit.

Put the odds on your side when it comes to your income taxes! In Montreal or in the Montreal area, contact Colas Accounting to fill out your tax returns in a comprehensive and affordable manner.

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