Business management

Effective management practices are the pillar of a healthy and viable business. Many different aspects need to be taken into account when deciding on proper business management procedures. By consulting experts in each of the management fields of your company, you will discover enlightened business management solutions. Based in Montreal, Colas Accounting can assist you with many business management measures and challenges, including strategic planning, financial and operational control, sales, employee recruitment, etc.

Business Start-up

Are you planning on starting up or taking over a business? Colas Accounting will provide you with the necessary tools to help you succeed. Our professional accountants will assist you in each of the start-up stages, including:

  • Definition of measures of success

  • Business plan preparation

  • Market study

  • Marketing plan

  • Project strength and weakness analysis

Business management Montreal - Colas Accounting
Business management Montreal - Colas Accounting

Internal Control

Few managers are aware of the importance of accounting duties in the success of their company. By implementing strategic internal control systems, our team can highly improve business management. We run the following analyses:

  • Cost-volume-profit ratio

  • Profitability level

  • Profit margin and production costs

  • Means of ensuring performance of business activities

  • Accounting methodologies

  • Financial performance

  • Net income following deductions and charges


Our training sessions serve two purposes: (1) they allow us to make sure that participants/employees understand basic accounting principles, and (2) they allow managers to thoroughly understand accounting mechanisms. During our training sessions, we stress the importance of careful review and understanding of accounting data.

Business management Montreal - Colas Accounting

Other Services

Accounting is critical to business management. Aside from business start-up and internal control, Colas Accounting offers complimentary services to assist managers with daily tasks:

  • Accounting software selection, installation, and setup

  • Business development assistance

  • Management of tax accounts (QST, GST)

  • Financial and budget planning

  • Business development assistance

  • Funding research

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