Optimize the management of your business with professional bookkeeping

Like accounting, bookkeeping is part of the operation and proper management of any business. Good bookkeeping will allow you, among other things, to prepare financial statements and reports, to manage accounting data, and much more.

The hiring of a trained and experienced professional accountant is necessary to obtain a bookkeeping service whose accuracy will be flawless. What's more, hiring an accountant during the start-up phase of your business can be advantageous because he can answer all your questions about bookkeeping.

To improve decision-making processes related to your business management, Colas Accounting Firm in Montreal offers personalized bookkeeping services on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. Our services may begin with occasional assistance and can extend to full bookkeeping and the preparation of financial statements.

Our employees can perform this bookkeeping service at our offices in Montreal or at your company's location, whether in Montreal or in the suburbs. We also offer a training service for computerized bookkeeping.

Importance of good bookkeeping

A well-structured bookkeeping can help you:

  • Monitor your current and past financial situation;

  • Make financial forecasts;

  • Have quick access to information that will enable you to make informed decisions;

  • Meet government requirements;

  • Save time and energy.

By delegating your bookkeeping to Colas Accounting, you are assured that your accounting data will be thoroughly processed.

Bookkeeping Montreal - Colas Accounting
Bookkeeping Montreal - Colas Accounting

Details about our bookkeeping services in Montreal

Our chartered accountants offer the following bookkeeping services to companies in the Montreal and surrounding areas:

  • Management of accounts payable and accounts receivable: Your expenses and profits need to be carefully recorded in order to monitor your company’s success.

  • Preparation of financial statements: Financial statements allow executives to keep an eye on the company’s transactions and plan operations consequently.

  • Bank reconciliation: Every month, we ensure that there are no discrepancies between accounting records and bank balances.

  • Preparation of government reports: We also produce returns and reports for all levels of government.

  • Preparation of monthly financial reports: we will prepare financial reports following the closing of accounting records at the end of each month.

  • Organization and maintenance of year-end report files: Our team will maintain and organize all year-end report files so you can wrap up the year in style.

  • Contact with external auditors: we will provide all mandatory information to external auditors in order to represent the interests of your company.

Contact us for bookkeeping services in Montreal

For more information about our bookkeeping services in Montreal, contact the Colas Accounting team by email or phone at (514) 374-0137. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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